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https://www.cryptochange.co.za/ was founded in order to help people buy and sell e-currencies. Best place to exchange your e-currency fast, secure and automatic. Exchange supports the following Bitcoin(BTC) as base currency Buy and sell Bitcoin for ZAR or buy and sell bitcoin for alt coins. We currently list the following Buy and Sell pairs BTC/ZAR Currently only Absa bank ZAR/BTC Any Bank to our Absa bank, if not instant transfer you will receive bitcoin once funds clear in our account. For ZAR orders we try our best to do instant payments, but can take up to 2 days before money will clear. All crypto to crypto orders is done instant to your wallet address, coins will show in wallet after confirmations is done. Crypto currencies: BTC/BCH BCH/BTC BTC/BTG BTG/BTC BTC/BTX BTX/BTC BTC/DASH DASH/BTC BTC/DGB DGB/BTC BTC/GCR GCR/BTC BTC/LTC LTC/BTC BTC/NTRN NTRN/BTC BTC/SAC SAC/BTC BTC/SNCZ SNCZ/BTC BTC/SMART SMART/BTC BTC/PIVX PIVX/BTC BTC/YASH YASH/BTC

We are operating e-currency exchange since 2016 and have more than 2500 satisfied clients. You can also google CRYPTOCHANGE.CO.ZA and you will not find a single bad review about our services. You can also use locabitcoins.com and we will buy your bitcoins through localbitcoins.com system please vist our buy page here : https://localbitcoins.com/ad/398089/cash-out-your-bitcoins-bank-capitec-fnb-standard-absa-instant

Open site START EXCHANGE fill the form and submit. After that you will see instructions for payment. After your payment, we will complete the order.

Normally order is completed within few minutes after your payment. Exact time depends on what type of order you have If you sell bitcoins, we complete the order after 3 confirmation of bitcoin payment which takes around 20 minutes. Maximum time for order to be completed is 24 hours. If you see your order is not completed within 24 hours, please contact us.

No, Price is fixed for only 30 Min. If your bitcoin confirmation takes more than 30 min we will complete the order with new market rate.

We work 15 hours daily. Our Live Chat support is opened every day. Our time is GMT+5.30 (CET time zone), so it is possible to reach us from 11AM to 4AM.

Bitcoin address is a string of numbers and letters. It starts with 1 or 3 and looks like this: ( 1CryptoJEo3C9qku9sqb6jpcpLVkA49Ytf ) If you want to purchase bitcoins, you must have bitcoin address and put it into your order.

If you want to buy you can do this, Click on first column and select Capitec Bank or FNB Bank, and then click Bitcoin in 2nd column, then fill in the amount of Bitcoin(BTC) you want to buy, and then will show you what you must pay in Rands to get the Bitcoin instant to your wallet. If you happy with price you can click continue and fill in your Bitcoin wallet address where you would like to receive Bitcoin. then you can make payment and click Payment Made button, After we received money in bank we will pay Bitcoins instant to your wallet. For instant transactions please pay from same bank for example your capitec to our capitec then we will receive money instant and will send bitcoin instant to your wallet.

If you want to sell bitcoins, Click on first column and select Bitcoin, and then click Capitec Bank or FNB in 2nd column, then fill in the amount of Bitcoins you want to sell, and then will show you how much rands you will get instant to your Bank Account. If you happy with price you can click continue and fill in your Bank account number where you would like to receive Rands instant. After we received Bitcoin in our wallet we will pay Rands instant to your Bank account. Your order will be processed automatically after your bitcoin payment receives 1-3 confirmations from bitcoin network. It can take up to 45 minutes.

Bitcoin payments are instant but you will see it in your account instantly only if you are using bitcoin client installed on computer and this client is fully synchronized with bitcoin network. If your bitcoin wallet is based on web service provider, you may need 3 or 6 confirmations before you will receive it to your wallet. Time to get 6 confirmations by bitcoin network is about 1-3 hours. go to https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions to see how busy network is

Please wait 1-3 hours until all 6 confirmations are received by bitcoin network. If you are using bitcoin client on computer, make sure your client is fully synchronized with bitcoin network - all blocks are downloaded. Only then you can see the latest transactions. Did not find answer? Contact us at [email protected] or use website live support